We are currently accepting artist submissions for 2020!

Our selection process is informal and based on fit with our space and our own personal interests. We respond to submissions as quickly as possible.

The gallery space is located in the EY Design Studio PHL office and open to the public on opening nights and occasional events. Otherwise, it is street view only. Because of this, our space best serves large scale 3D works of various mediums– sculpture, textile, digital.

We’ve exhibited both pre-existing bodies of work and work that artists created specifically for showing in our space! Interested in creating something new? Just send us samples of representative work (sketches are great to include, too).

We welcome artists to come see a show, introduce yourself, and get a first-hand impression of what we’re about!

What you get (and what you don’t!)

Intuitive Art Space is a labor of love and a non-profit institution.

What we provide:

What we don’t provide:

Submit below, and please include: